UK Standard£3.99£1.997 days
UK Express£5.99£1.992 working days
Europe EU£14.99£4.9914 days
Europe Non EU£14.99£4.9914 days
North America (Standard)£13.99£8.998 days
North America (Express)£15.99£8.993-4 working days
Rest of the World£22.99£15.9921 days

Some deliveries may be delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus crises.
All our International and domestic postage is CO2 offset where possible.


(Paperless only)

We are happy to accept returns if you have any issues with your item, or if you wish to try multiple items to get the correct fit.

To initiate a return we would expect you to message us within 7 days of receiving the item (PLEASE READ OUR ANTI -LOANING SECTION). We will then send you a returns address with a unique returns code. Any item arriving at the warehouse without a returns code included in the address will be rejected. 

Items will only be refunded if returned in the same condition (i.e. unlaundered and no recent signs of wear/marks). We aim to refund within 48 hours of an item arriving back to the warehouse.

Returning items are your responsibility until they reach our warehouse. So please ensure you keep the tracking numbers and package items carefully so they do not get damaged or lost.

The customer is responsible for the cost of returning.

We will not accept requests to return items after 14 days of receiving any items

We do not have an exchange program as it is much easier for us to refund the returned item so you can repurchase. This also helps to reset your consumer rights.

Customers have attempted to simply ‘LOAN’ items by purchasing prior to holiday and returning when they arrive back. We have been selling Ski suits online for over 10 years and We use a bank of extreme close up photos on every ski suit that records minute dirt and crease pattern.  Any attempt to use an item will disrupt these patterns and can be used in evidence for criminal proceedings. It is an offence to try and defraud a company in this way and we do reserve the right to prosecute any attempt to defraud our company. Please play fair and do not attempt this deception as it is awkward and embarrassing to deal with and may result in a criminal record.

Nothing in this section affects your statutory rights.

Your statutory rights mean you have the right to return an item by contacting us within 14 days from receiving your item.

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